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About JMC

J.M.C. Pharmacy is a locally-operated and privately-owned drugstore in New York

. It has been years since we started serving the community and even today, we continue going strong with more

commitment and dedication to bring no less than the best quality in the products and services we offer.

We provide affordable medications, convenient flu prevention services, competitive pricing for

DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and will even have private pharmacist consultations with you.

Our pharmacists can conduct medication therapy management and drug interaction reviews upon request.

We do our best to give you access to all the health care products and pharmacy services you will need in order to keep illness at bay.

For as long as you let us, we hope to be your partner to maintain good health.

Shop at J.M.C. Pharmacy for quality products at affordable prices. Call 212-795-4909 for more information.